The Sims 4 free download – What it brings over Sims 3 ?

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If you’re a Sims fan, you may be curious about how The Sims 4 is better than its previous version (Sims 3). Today, we’re going to give you the information that you want and need! We’ll talk about the upgraded features of the Sims 4 free download. It’s available right here at our website and we definitely think that you should play it after you read this article.

It’s such a fun game and the fourth version does offer a lot of improvements over the third version! Without further ado, let’s explore the newest features in the Sims 4.

Enjoy Tons of New Features over the previous version

Sure, a Sims 3 free download will be fun. However, you’ll get more cutting-edge features when you choose The Sims 4. For example, you’ll access a “create a Sim” tool which allows you make characters which resemble your buddies, family and favorite stars! You may even create characters that you’ve dreamed up “from scratch”. Also, this version of the Sims offers a gaming experience which is more tactile. As well, the game platform is now a lot more intuitive.

While you’re making characters, you’ll be able to change their features by right-clicking, dragging and tugging. It’s so easy to get ideal results with the new version of Sims.

The Sims 4 Personalities

In addition, you’ll have more options in terms of creating personalities, versus the older version. With Sims 3, there was an extra character trait. With Sims 4, there is one less character trait. However, the traits are a lot broader, so you’ll actually be able to do more in terms of shaping personality.


The traits available now are more likely to appeal to users and they have more of an impact on gamplay and life. After you choose traits for your Sim, be certain to choose your preferred animation type, whether it’s swagger galore or a bit of a hunch. Match the animation type to the character’s personality traits.


Also, with Sims 4, you’ll find that hitting new “hoods” is a lot simpler. In the past versions of Sims, it was a clumsier enterprise! Lots of ‘hoods and “future special worlds” are out there to explore and getting to them is as easy to enduring a very short loading time. Your trips won’t interfere with your typical timeline. For example, your character can work in one location and travel home in the evening, to a different place.


Now that you know more about this awesome new version of the Sims, why not download our free version of The Sims 4 today?

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