Spotydl – How to download music from Spotify to MP3

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With the march of decades, the way we listen to music has undergone a sea-change. From radios to vinyl record players and audio cassette tapes to physical CDs, the relentless march has moved music lovers away from the physical media to digital music. Opinion is divided, however more than streaming, downloading music is here to stay? So, How to download music from spotify to mp3? Well, it can be easily done with the help of spotydl.

Spotify, music to your ears

Spotify is rated as one of the best digital streaming music services, providing free access to a massive range of music, videos and podcasts from across the world, with merely an email or a Facebook id. Listening to music on Spotify is easy. Freely downloadable onto any android phone, iphone/ipad or desktop, it is offered in two packs, Free and Premium. The latter is available on a monthly subscription, is free from intermittent advertisements that might jar the listener’s experience and has a clear advantage as you can cache on to three devices simultaneously and listen to more than 3000 of your favorite songs offline, by merely clicking the “save” option. The options for extreme, high and normal streaming qualities and low data usage are a clear advantage too! A wealth of features is at your finger tip while connected on Facebook. You can follow your friends with similar music interests. Spotify reads your mind too, remembers your choices, builds playlists and makes suggestions based on them in its “Discover,” “Your daily mixes” and “Release Radar” sections. Not merely on the computer or mobile, the service supports streaming to home music systems and Bluetooth connected systems with “Spotify Connect”.

Spotydl, for an easy download experience

Spotydl is a multi-platform software that allows the user not only to download but also record music for free from Spotify in mp3 format. In its beta version for a major part and with many versions pursuant to its first release in 2012, it has since been discontinued due to legal reasons. Its last version 0.9.36 can still be downloaded though the website is closed. Downloads are possible only from Spotify free mode accounts and not Premium. Spotydl enables smooth and simultaneous downloads of up to 5 multiple playlists on Spotify, each playlist containing up to 200. Songs can be also imported from Spotify by drag and drop and organized into folders and sub-folders.  Information about the songs being downloaded is provided and the latest version is always synced online based on the correct duration reflected in Spotify, to pre-empt wrong song downloads. It supports most music file formats and is available in windows, mac and linux versions.

While the speed of its download has been much applauded by users, a drawback, though not significant, is that Spotydl is at best a desktop interface that was and is available for mp3 downloads only through a third party search engine and not directly from its website.

Technology and innovation have delivered internet music that is more accessible and that can be either downloaded to mp3 or directly streamed to smart phones, tablets and computers with spotydl which enables to carry your song choices with you, always!

As a music lover, one can download many songs from the web, by using a popular software Spotydl, which helps download or record any song you listen to on the web.

Pros of using Spotydl

  • Download music from multiple mp3 websites
  • You can play corresponding video of mp3 song through YouTube
  • It provides all the features that a Media Player has.
  • Record songs

Cons of using Spotydl

  • It’s just intended to work with Spotify, a music service. (Though it is intended to work with Spotify, it works with other music servers too.)



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