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You will agree and support the fact that: anyone who already owns a Nokia phone cannot possibly afford being without the Nokia PC Suite, designed to allow for the direct synchronization of the phone with windows platform on any personal computer with the sole intention of getting as much as possible from the device in question.  Frankly speaking, the Nokia suite is slightly more than just a file transfer solution, this is because it introduces users to a series of genuinely useful functions all of which improve the overall mobile use experience.

As far as installation is concerned, once you download Nokia PC suite, it is very easy to install. This has been made possible by a detailed step by step wizard designed to provide a guide through the process of hooking up the phone to the computer and in turn accessing the data on it.



More specifically, the main menu which comprises of a series of bright bold Icons is what provides the gateway to some of the best visually appealing features. Just so you are aware, some of the functions you are likely to make use of frequently include the backup feature as well as the restore file transfer tool both of which have previously been proven to run quickly and without any fuss.

It is however the additional features on the Suite that really make it stand out from the rest. For example, you would be able to synchronize the phone as well as the PC calendar. In fact, you will even be able to install apps onto the phone, get to access mails, maps, contacts, images and many more. Take note, this transfer of data can either be done through Bluetooth or using a USB cable.

Smart phone are increasingly becoming more and more sophisticated. Knowing that there is a way through which you can easily manage the data that you keep in your phone even if it is by making a valid back up on your desktop provides peace of mind considering all that smart phone operating systems are prone to. Long story short, in case you own a Nokia handset, you should go out of your way and make sure that you certainly also get a Nokia PC suite download since it will save you a lot of trouble not to mention making your phone use experience flawless.

Everything taken into consideration, it is very important to understand the fact that: provided your device is compatible with the software (Nokia PC suite) consider yourself set to manage your phone and all the data in it with relative ease.



The program is not only instructional, it is also characteristic of a well presented user interface.
The program also enables fast data synching
The program is characteristic of several cool tools all of which are designed to help enhance your phone use experience
It allows for the flawless transfer of photos and music


The suite does not work with all Nokia devices.

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