Minecraft 1.9 download and free snapshots

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Finally the Minecraft 1.9 download is now available, check out the best new features, or just skip to Minecraft 1.9 snapshots!

Minecraft – The best selling game!

An amazing little game for smart people, an infinite world of possibilities, that can only be limited by your imagination. This is the second most selling game in the world, and that is for only one reason, it is just perfect for everyone. Everyone can play it his own way, making it peaceful or death-full, making it about building or about destruction!

Minecraft 1.9 – The Combat Update

If the game itself is the second best selling game, this makes Minecraft 1.9 download is the most needed update ever. The version 1.9 brings the biggest changes to the game since first Minecraft release!

Important: Don’t go for Minecraft 1.9 pre release, the final release is here.

The version is called the combat update, this clearly tells that most changes were about fighting, precisely about how we use weapons, armor and potions when fighting, next are the main changes.

Using both hands

Yes, no mistake, now you can use both hands. If you are a fan of Minecraft you understand how this is a breaking news!

Choose your main hand

Well, now as you can use two hands, here comes the need to choose which is the main hand. This is specially appreciated by left handed players, a nice touch from Microsoft guys thinking about them.

So to change your main hand, go to the Options screen, then click on SkinĀ Customization.

The Off hands

Well, the off hand is simply the other non-main hand. Now you can hold things in your off hand as well using the new slot in the inventory page, and in a square close to the hotbar you can check your current off-hand items

Mouse clicks

Left Click not changed. This mouse button will do attacks as always, and will not use your off hand.

Right Click will actually use the item in the main hand, no changes here, like throwing, eating, drinking, etc. But if no usable items are found inĀ  your main hand, then it will use the items in your off hands.

World changes

The new Minecraft snapshot also brings these amazing changes in the nature around you:

  • Infinity of islands to have in your huge world, that can have unlimited cities, trees or ships!
  • A lot of new blocksgrass, ice, flower, stone bricks, pillar, slab and stairs.


This update gives the best performance possible, from memory usage, to block ticking to mob pathfining optimizations.

Minecraft 1.9 Snapshots

Following snapshots are available: 1.9.1 (sound effects), 1.9.2 (crash fix), 1.9.3 (stability issues fixes), 1.9.4 (realms fixes).



Overall, this update is nothing but good! Just make sure you have the latest version that fixes common crashes and bugs.

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