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Format factory allows you to cycle convert files into various formats. It enables sharing and saving of disk space. It also allows for compatibility with mobile player. It was developed by Chen Jun ho and was released in December 2016. It uses the operating system Microsoft windows. At present it can be found in 66 languages. Due to the inherent interfacing capabilities of this software it is able to cater to all levels of users who are able to get the accessibility to the conversion process. Find here the format factory download for windows 7.

What all you can do with format factory?

  • Audio and picture can be made into jpg, bmp, ico etc.
  • Converting the CD or DVD into ISO makes it bootable directly from the CD or DVD when anything is saved on them.
  • Making a short film, and taken a number videos, they can all be joined and made into a full length feature and add extra formats to it accordingly.
  • Adding two audios in one video and they can be heard as you the right or left track. If you switch on the left track, the one stored on left can be heard on the video and if the right track one is clicked the other audio is heard. Click here for format factory download for windows 7.

The uses of having format factory

Since now a day’ people carry their mobile phones everywhere, it acts as a mini office, media player, gaming station etc. So get all your files into the format that can be understood and played onto your mobile, this work is done be format factory which actually converts these files the way they are to be for mobile usage.

The interactive interface built for this software makes it an easy viable option for even the first timers. It provides the step by step procedures to be followed hence giving an insight to the user as how their files are being converted right in front of their eyes with minimal effort.

The best part of this software is that is a free and can be downloaded easily.

It can really convert your favorite DVD and CD into file format of other types and make ISO images of them.

What’s even more interesting is that it can join many such formatted files into one.

There is an extensive help feature which has a interactive screen shots of how you could go about the process without hassles and come out to be a pro in using this software. Get the format factory download free here.


Well there isn’t a long list of cons that can be put out for this software as it was noticed in the testing period that it was not able to convert a particular file into the selected format but did so in the second attempt.

Overall it can be said that format factory is quite a boon to many who have problems in getting one file from source to the other. The convenience and efficiency are beatable compared to the few bugs which were initially found while testing. So, what are you still waiting for? Download the software now to enjoy the multi fold of benefits that it has to offer to its users.


Amazing mush-have tool to ocnvert any video, audio or image for any format to any without loosing quality.

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