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One’s love for music & gadgets can be noticed with the amount of gadgets they own; from wireless Headset, Speakers, Keyboard etc. Many people have always struggled to find the right device drivers to make the gadget work on their desktop and more. The primary reason for the struggle is device driver’s support to OS version, & 32 bit vs 64 bit machine etc. and incorrect installation would result in non-functioning of the device. This is seen more when it comes to Bluetooth devices and thus, a bluetooth download becomes an arduous task. However, not more! With the help of a bluetooth software, one can now easily install the bluetooth driver and find all the issues resolved in a jiffy.

What is Bluetooth Driver Installer?

Bluetooth Driver Installer has the ability to solve all download bluetooth issues. It is a free utility software which would work with most of the Bluetooth Adapters (USB dongle & built in). It’s a Microsoft driver, and no wonder it used Microsoft’s Bluetooth stack.

There are two versions of the utility i.e. 32 bit & 64 bit, and one can choose it based on the OS that is installed. One popular feature about this utility is that it creates a restore point before it makes any changes to your desktop and so if you find something going wrong, you can get back the changes using the Windows System Restore.

How to Use this Bluetooth download?

Once the Bluetooth download is ready, next steps are quite simple:

  • Uninstall the existing Bluetooth software on your computer
  • Restart your Computer
  • Run the Bluetooth Driver Installer Utility Software ( by double clicking the exe)

Steps to install:

The installation wizard is quite easy to follow with the below simple steps

  • First Step , Just like any other software installation , you have to agree to the terms and conditions
  • Secondly , It looks for the right Bluetooth Adapter
  • And then It installs the driver ( i.e. As said earlier it first creates a restore point, it does patching and installs the driver)
  • Lastly, it tests your Bluetooth connection.

The entire installation process is so seamless that not only it solved my Bluetooth connectivity issues, but gave peace of mind and I am now enjoying music like never before. A Big Thanks to Bluetooth driver installer software & Goodbye to all those experiments & troubleshooting which I use to do earlier to make my Bluetooth device work.




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