DirectX 12 Download & Install – Can’t be easier!

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Althought directx is probably included in your recent Windows installation, it is always undergoing changes and upgrades behind the scenes. You’ll need to make sure that you are always running the latest version. Version 12 is the most recent upgrade you can find now. This DirectX 12 download and install guide is the easiest one you can find, a matter of minutes. That said, still if you are know you can handle it yourself, you can jump right to the download section.

Let’s dive right in.

Getting the DirectX 12 Download

  • Visit the DirectX 12 download page directly from the Microsoft website
  • Click the gigantic red DOWNLOAD button and then the blue NEXT button that pops up instantly
  • You’ll be provided with a lot of information about the new DirectX 12 Download, and you want to quickly scroll through everything before you continue on
  • Finalize the download and follow the on-screen prompts to completely upgrade your system to DirectX 12

Features of the new DirectX 12 download

For starters, DirectX 12 is going to make your games go a lot faster – especially if you are using new gaming hardware, processors, and graphics cards designed to make the most of everything that this new streamlined system has to offer.

New built-in APIs will allow game development companies to make the most of all the resources that different hardware developers offer, all running through DirectX 12, streamlining the system and the gaming process significantly so that all of your hardware can work in concert to produce the best gaming experience possible.

Explicit Multi-adapter technology is built right into DirectX 12, and allows software to utilize multiple different graphics processors inside of a PC even if they aren’t from the same company. Yes, your reading it correctly – you can now install a brand-new GeForce GPU to handle the “heavy lifting” of your games and relegate secondary graphics duties to an AMD Radeon GPU or have them singing together in concert without any difficulty whatsoever.

It really doesn’t get much better than that and it’s all thanks to the new DirectX 12 download!



Brings the power to your PC. It is needed to most new games.

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